12 Best Real Estate Models for Property Practitioners

12 Must-Have Best Practise Real Estate Models for Property Practitioners

Ever wondered how the best real estate operators get the deals? They operate with automated models and systems. Save time, get accurate and be confident with your precise explanations backed by property science.

Best Models for Residential Property Practitioners

Residential Property Practitioners are able to provide residential property investors with 20 years of financial statements, valuations, income tax estimates, capital gains tax estimates and estimated exit values in under 2 minutes with our menu-driven automated model named “Residential Investment Property Acquisition Model” (1)

The lite version of the above-mentioned Acquisition model would be the “Residential Investment Property Cash Flow Analyzer” This Model will provide you with 20 years of cash flow analysis without the financial statements as mentioned above. (2)

Airbnb property investments have become so popular that residential agents are also expected to know the ins and outs as well as accurately predict values based on expected cash flows. We have the model that will do just that in less than 3 minutes of basic data inputs “Airbnb Acquisition Model” This unique model will provide clientele with an accurate Three Statement analysis for 20 years, as well as, ongoing valuations with tax and CGT considerations along the way. (3) view our calculator's page!

Best Models for Commercial Property Practitioners

Commercial Property Brokers or Practitioners have a very different need to that of residential practitioners. CRE brokers are required to provide buyers and sellers with meaningful cash flows under any gearing on non-geared circumstances, the net present value of future cash flows, internal rate of return, modified internal rate of return and exit values. We have a model that is able to do this for you in less than 1 minute from 9 basic input fields, “Commercial Property Valuation System” (4)

There are numerous other specific best practice models developed for commercial property practitioners and developers which all provide for 20 years of Financials, Valuations, Exit values, Revaluation CGT reserve accounts etc. and we name them as follows: 

Warehouse Development Model (5), Shopping Center Development Model (6), Commercial Real Estate Development Model (7), Hotel Development Model (8), Portfolio of Commercial Properties (20) Acquisition Model (9), Hotel Portfolio Valuation Model (10), Apartment/Condo style Development Model and the Apartment Block Acquisition Model.

All of the above Models include an INDEX Page, Input sheet, Automated 20-year Finacial Statements and Valuations!

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