AUTOMATION! Excel Models help Property Practitioners and Business Consultan

The way to go! Automated Excel Models for Property Practitioners and Business Consultants

Save Time, Get Precise, and Operate with Automated Valuation Models for Real Estate and Business

To be more precise, when analysing a Residential Investment Property or a Commercial Investment Property, your key metrics remain the same. NPV must be a positive amount or else it will be a negative property investment. IRR and MIRR need to deliver a higher percentage than that of the funders rate, or else you will not get suitable funding and the Investment is probably not viable. Should you include CGT when analysing your acquisition? Absolutely, should you not consider the CGT effects on your exit value, then you would be operating with a skewed NPV, IRR and MIRR. Much the same applies to acquiring or starting a business.

At PROPPRO247.COM we have all your Real Estate and Business Acquisition and Development Models covered! Commercial, Residential, Warehouse, Hotel, Shopping Centres, Apartment Blocks with 20-year Three Statement Analysis and Valuations on Auto-Pilot!

From very basic input data a Model is created that will value your Investment prospect, Real Estate or Business. These Models and Templates provide you with meaningful metrics, Cash Flows, Income Statements and Balance Sheets so that you can make an informed decision. As a Property Practitioner, Business Advisor or Accountant, you should always provide your clientele with Best Practise Models because you are the specialist that the general public relies upon. Business and Real Estate Models must have a built-in loan amortisation facility, income tax and CGT estimate, NPV, IRR, MIRR and XIRR and XNPV where appropriate. Exit values must be calculated and include CGT because these valuations contain an exit amount, unlike a term annuity. Download our PDF readers on the Calculators page and you will get an excellent idea of each model type! contact us at proppro247.com