Best Practise Financial Models

International Best Practice Financial Models assist Accountants with Business Consulting!

It is simple to perform historical accounting, but, can you produce Financial Models that are both accurate and automated. Most accountants are able to produce some form of financial modelling but will lack the ability to produce these in a cost-effective manner with all the correct KPIs and Investment formulae. Different business types require the use of different modelling techniques and formulae. We take for example a financial model for commercial real estate which displays similar characteristics to that of annuity type investments with exit values at various intervals. In this instance, we would make use of MIRR primarily, and IRR, NPV to compare various opportunities. However, designing a financial model for Development valuations, we will make use of XNPV and XIRR as these are the only formulae that are capable of measuring irregular cash flows correctly.

PROPPRO247.COM have automated and mastered the art of Business Models and Real Estate Valuations

At PROPPRO247.COM you will find many Business Models with automated financial Statements and KPIs. The different types of Business can loosely be described as follows: Retail Type Business Models, Manufacturing Type Business Models, Equipment Hire, Financiers 20-year Business Models, Commercial real Estate Valuations, Commercial Real Estate Developments, Multi-famil/Apartment Type developments Business Valuations and much more. Contact us propscience@proppro247.com