Convert Office Space to Apartments

Convert Office Space to Lettable or Saleable Apartments - Excel Development Template

If you are required to or want to analyse the feasibility of converting office space into apartments, then we have the excel template for you. you will have plenty of sunk costs, but at the same time, the focus should be on the cost of conversion and bringing in the unused office space as a “cost of land” type expenditure. There are two distinct actions that you may consider.

Develop to “Hold and Lease” or develop to “Sell”

The develop-to-hold and lease excel template will take you through a Three Statement analysis for 20 years. The model will consider your Income-tax obligations to provide a realistic model, however, this is our only development template that will not consider your CGT obligations because of obvious sunk costs. Therefore it would be wise to estimate the CGT aspect whether holding or selling.

For the develop to “sell” option we have a Quantity Surveyor type Excel costing system which will produce XNPV and XIRR as valuation formulas which are very important because they consider the timing of cash flows (date-sensitive). Also built into this Excel spreadsheet is a quick comparison model to easily evaluate up to 4 development models simultaneously.

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