Convert Vacant Office Space into Apartments Excel Model

Convert Vacant Office Space!

Never before has the need for speed arisen to convert office space into residential apartments, and create new smaller spaces in strategic positions!

It is common cause that many large office buildings currently have large vacancies, and this will continue for some time to come. It has become essential that owners of large office space look to sustainable models that include converting vacant space into residential apartments. We have the perfect model for these investors and property practitioners alike. 

20-year Excel Financial Model which helps the planning and valuation analysis of converting office space into residential apartments. 

Coherent models will easily take you through the logical process! 

Firstly you need to make use of your initial valuation, perform a current valuation, and account for the capital losses which will have a material effect on the CGT component. We then perform a development model for the vacant space and a separate 20-year valuation and analysis. It is then that we consolidate the re-developed portion with your current scenario and perform a new valuation that clearly illustrates how we have managed to minimize losses going forward.

Download our PDF Explainer (Convert Office Space) from our Calculator's page and view the process that we follow!