Excel Business Models and Valuation Models are still king!

Excel Templates for Business Models, CRE Valuations, Business and Development Valuations are still the most well used!

Whilst we at PROPPRO247.COM have developed numerous valuation models on the web app, our clientele mostly prefers to work in Excel because of the versatility and customization aspects of Excel. Excel Business Model and Valuation Templates need to accurately reflect the subtleties of various Industry type Models.

The Importance of providing a Three Statements Analysis on all Business Model templates. Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements and Balance Sheets.

Only once you have performed the three statements analysis are you able to produce the most important valuation and analytical formulae such as (NPV) Net Present Value of Future Cash Flows, (IRR) Internal Rate of Return, (MIRR) Modified Internal Rate of Return, with the MIRR being most important of all. Financiers and prudent Investors will always target a specific MIRR under certain circumstances. Usually, this type of business model must be capable of automating gearing aspects that get brought into the cash flows for these formulae to work correctly.

The Types of Business Models that are created by PROPPRO247.COM are Retail Type Business Models, Manufacturing Type Business Models, Equipment Hire Type Business Models, Moneylending Type Business Models, Estate Agency Operating Models Analyser, Project Managers Financial Evaluations and Valuation Models for Commercial real Estate, development Property Valuations and Business Valuations. All these Models in Excel should and can be automated to provide the users with an easy input type facility. We at PROPPRO247.COM offer our clientele a branding option on each excel template.