Excel Property Valuation and Business Template Models

Excel Models and Templates are still the most popular and downloaded tools for Real Estate Valuations and Business Models for Forecasting and Planning.

At PROPPRO247.COM we have you well covered. Whether you are an accountant who consults with many businesses or a property practitioner who sells or provides rental services, we have the Models for you, all automated. Our international best practice models and templates take your business to new levels. All templates and models only require the input of basic information and the rest is automated for you. Changing data inputs will automatically pull through all reports, valuations, forecasting and values.

Property Practitioners are faced with many valuation challenges when it comes to Commercial Properties, Residential Developments, Shopping Centers etc.

Our International best practice models and templates automate 20 years of Cash Flow, Income Statements and Balance Sheets for forecasting and planning. Taxation and CGT are also built-in with Valuations and re-valuations throughout the forecasting period. Rental Property Agents can now provide their clientele with 20 years of Financials in less than 1 minute. This Model can be used to assist clientele with comparing investment opportunities or simply provided them with financials of the historical year which they can use for tax purposes. Either way, our models comprise but are not limited to Commercial Property Valuations and Development Models, Shopping centers, Residential developments, Hotel Developments and Portfolio analyses, Industrial Property development models and cash flow analyses for Residential Investments. All our models can be customized with your own logos at no extra cost by mailing us at proppro247.com before you purchase online.

Accountants are faced with many challenges when consulting with businesses. They have time constraints and the data is normally used for funding purposes and planning. the importance of Excel Models and Templates for consulting purposes cannot be understated.

From retail types of business to start-ups and manufacturing we have you covered. Our templates include Restaurant Type Models, Retail outlets Manufacturing concerns, Plant and Equipment Hire, Financiers '20-year Models and much more. Accountants and business owners need only to input basic data, and the Cash flows, Income Statements with taxation and Balance sheets will automatically pull through. Valuations with NPV, IRR and MIRR are all automated. In some cases, we also provide a business plan template with a certain amount of automation. financial information from your business model is automatically imported into the business plan. Crucial to successful funding is the targeting of a certain IRR and MIRR. It is really simple to change inputs at any level. Business Models for Start-ups is a very popular Excel system and easy to use for business owners themselves. All our models can be customized with your own logos at no extra cost by mailing us at proppro247.com before you purchase online.

At PROPPRO247.COM we develop and load new Real Estate Valuation Models and Business Financial Models each and every month.

We automate so that you can operate! Time and accuracy are valuable.