Energy Saving Solar Panels add massive Value to CRE

Reduce your Electricity Bill with Solar Panels and Calculate the immediate increase in Value of your Commercial Property

With PROPPRO247.COM smart Valuation Calculators, it will take you less than 60 seconds to calculate the growth in Value of Commercial Property by reducing your operating expenses. The correct Valuation methods take into account the (NOI) Net Operating Income of the building, the annual escalations, the funding rates and consequently produces a Value based on your Cap Rate and the NPV, IRR and MIRR over the duration of the Investment.

By Reducing your Operating Expenses, you will be increasing your NOI and consequently the value of your Commercial Building

SOSIMPLE Energy offers Commercial Property owners a fantastic solution without any capital investment. make your roof space available and they will, at their own cost, install solar panels. You can save massive amounts in monthly electricity costs and boost the value of your building. Contact Gary Le Vatte (gary.le.vatte@sosimpleenergy.co.za).

Automate your CRE, DEVELOPMENT and BUSINESS Valuations with PROPPRO247.COM

Users have a choice to either use our smart web-app valuation calculators (with branding), or alternatively subscribe to our EXCEL based Valuation Calculators which perform the same analytical cash flows, NPV, IRR and MIRR. These tools produce Internationally accredited valuation formula, and PROPPRO247.COM are the only company in Africa who are published on the Internation Finacial Modelling platforms of EFinancialModels and Eloquens