The BIG BUNDLE of Real Estate Templates - Calculators - Tools

The Big Bundle of Real Estate Templates, Valuation Calculators and Tools

Proppro247.com are amongst the world leaders in Global valuation systems for Real Estate. The automated Valuation systems for Commercial Real Estate, Development Property Evaluation and Business Valuations make use of globally accredited formulae such as (NPV) Net Present Value of future cash flows, (IRR) Internal Rate of Return,  (MIRR) Modified Internal Rate of Return, (XIRR) which is the date-sensitive equivalent of IRR and (XNPV) which is the date-sensitive equivalent of NPV. These formulae, cash flows, exit values and others are all automated on our smart Web-App and are also available in Excel.

Excel Templates make up the balance of all other Smart Operating Systems and spreadsheets for top-level Estate Agents and Realtors

The type of useful Excel templates includes personal property listings management, personal budget and planning system that will calculate your daily and hourly expenditure as well as the exact value of property sales required to meet your ambitions, the typical loan amortization schedule, rental yield calculators, a dynamic property cash flow analyser automated for you, and a simple (CAPM) Capital Asset Pricing Model spreadsheet for the portfolio managers.

PROPPRO247.COM also provide exceptional Business Model spreadsheets for Business Brokers, Accounting Firms and Conveyancers. These business models include Industry-specific and customised models which automate the three statement analysis, Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements and Balance Sheets plus NPV, IRR and MIRR. To mention a few Industry-specific models that we have developed: Restaurant Type Business Model, Equipment Hire Type Business Model, Generic Manufacturing Type Business Model, Generic Retail Type Business Model, Bankers/Funders Loan type business models and many more. Automation, spreadsheets and web-app specialist for the Real Estate Industry, Accounting Industry, Conveyancing Industry and Business Brokers.